The Benefits of a Faster WordPress Website Load Time

WordPress is an open and free blogging resource, which allows you to build and manage blogs. WordPress gives you the option to install their software on your own server, or build blogs on their server. Most bloggers select the option to install the software on their own server since this option provides many benefits. These benefits include the ability to install your own plugins, themes, widgets, and scripts.

However, using these plugins, widgets, and themes can slow down the loading time of your website. Therefore, it is imperative for you to use best practices such as using fewer widgets, cache plugins, and accelerators to speed up WordPress websites. Employing these best practices will provide a myriad of benefits, including:

Increased Revenue
According to, for every 100 milliseconds takes to load, it loses a sale. Speed up wordpress Therefore, a fast loading WordPress website is crucial, especially if you are monetizing the website. Since the main purpose of your website is to make money, it is paramount for you to attract and retain customers. Attracting and retaining customers will not be enough, as you will need to convert these customers into sales. Research has shown that visitors who experience a lower average load time convert twice as often compared to visitors who experience more load time on a website. Therefore, you should speed up WordPress website loading time to increase your revenue.

Improved Search Ranking
One of the main objectives when creating your website is to rank high on search engines. There are many ways to push the rankings of your website high in search engine results. One of the core ways, especially with Google, is having a fast loading website. Google, in April 2010, launched an algorithm known as Site Speed. This algorithm favors sites that load quickly, improving their search rankings in the process. Since research has shown that 86% of Internet traffic comes from the search engines, you should evaluate your website’s speed, and use tools such as Yslow to help you speed up WordPress website loading time to improve your ranking and attract more traffic.

Friendly User Experience
The third benefit you will reap from having a fast loading website is a friendly user experience. First, this friendly experience will make your visitors peruse your website for a longer time. This will result in an increased average visit time. Second, a friendly user experience will make your visitors come back for more. Third, friendly user experience will create a viral effect. This viral effect will occur when your website readers recommend your website to other people. This will increase your website traffic, and result in more page views for your website.

In conclusion, the rate at which your website loads affects its success. If it loads slowly, you will lose business, but if it loads quickly, you will realize elevated success. For instance, Mozilla Firefox reduced the loading page of its landing page and realized more downloads. Therefore, you should endeavor to speed up WordPress website loading time to increase revenue, improve your website’s search engine ranking, and provide a friendly user experience.

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