The Top 10 Benefits of Using a Water Filter Or Water Purifier

We take water for granted. We turn on a tap and there it is. In most cases the water looks clean (even if it does smell of chlorine at times) so we think it is clean. But is it really?

There are more than 2000 chemicals that can find their way into your water. Many result from run-off after rain, wind drift from spraying operations, waste products from manufacturing, spillages due to accidents. Some of them (such as chlorine, fluoride, aluminium compounds etc) are even added to your water to make it “safer”. The thing is, they are not required in your water once it has reached your tap and they should be removed so you are left with just the water.

Installing a Point of Use (POU) water filter or water purifier will do just that. Having a water purifier or water filter installed thus provides you with the following benefits.

  1. Removes contaminants from water and guarantees your water is pure. Even though the water may look clear, it is not going to be pure. A good water filter or water purifier will remove harmful chemicals from your water and make it safe for you to drink.
  2. Improves the taste of water. Simply removing chlorine from your water dramatically improves the taste of it. Using a water filter to remove chlorine and other chemicals, foul tastes and odours means your water will taste like it is meant to taste. You will notice a definite improvement in the flavour of your tea, coffee, soups – in fact anything made with purified or filtered water.
  3. Cheaper in the long term than bottled water. The cost of a decent water filter or water purifier can be significant – and even off-putting if you just look at the initial purchase. However, consider the cost per week, or the cost per litre of water. Once you have the filter you need just change the cartridge so the ongoing cost is not huge. Average that out over 5 years and see how it compares with purchasing bottled water.
  4. Convenience – Saves Time Money and Effort. Having a POU water filter means you purificadora de agua precios bajos have pure water whenever you want it. Compare that with using bottled water which you have to go out to buy, lug home, and tend not to use for cooking because that is somehow seen to be wasteful or just inconvenient. Why drink pure water and then use contaminated water for cooking? Heat will not remove harmful chemicals or heavy metals from water.
  5. Reduces the incidence of disease caused by bacteria and cysts. Many bacteria and cysts are immune to chlorine, which is the main disinfectant used in drinking water. As a result, people ingesting these bacteria or cysts end up with some form of gastroenteritis. For the very young, very old, or those with a weakened immune system, the results can be very serious. Having a reputable water purifier ensures that the most vulnerable are not at risk.
  6. Provides the best water for pregnant women and young children. The unborn baby developing in his mother’s womb is very much affected by what his mother eats or drinks. Impurities in water such as lead, mercury, industrial chemicals and even the chemicals produced as a result of adding chlorine to water, can interfere with the baby’s development. Young children are also at risk as their bodies and immune systems are still developing.
  7. Reduces exposure to cancer-causing chemicals. Even the most cursory search on water quality reveals studies suggesting a link between trihalomethanes (THMs) and cancer. THMs are formed by the reaction of chlorine or bromine with organic matter in water. And THMs are just one type of pollutant.
  8. Removes lead from water. Lead has not been used in paints and other products for many years but it may still be in the plumbing in older houses. An appropriate point of use water filter will remove it from your water.
  9. More Environmentally friendly to filter. Filtering your water is better for you and the environment than bottled water. The amount of landfill resulting from disposing of old filter cartridges is a fraction of that from disposing of used plastic bottles. It is also much more efficient and environmentally friendly to ship a water purifier once a lifetime or water filter cartridge once a year than to transport a dozen bottles every week.
  10. Reduces amount of scale in equipment. An indirect benefit of a water purifier is that it reduces the amount of scale in other equipment such as kettles, jugs, coffee machines. Scale is the solid matter that build up over time when water evaporates and leaves the dissolved solids behind. This means that you don’t have to de-scale them as often which means less expense, less time taken, and less work for you.


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